Second sight?

Older individuals that wear reading glasses may sometime find themselves able to read without their reading glasses. They may think that their eye sight is improving, that they have gained a second chance at seeing. But actually they are just becoming more nearsighted. Their ability to see things better up close has probably resulted in their being able to see things in the distance less clearly. Their eyes are likely seeing images through a lens that is can no longer flatten and thin out enough to form distant objects on the retina as clearly as they use to. Distant objects are now blurry.
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Summer Sun Can Hurt Your Eyes

Summer brings on many new eye care issues that you should be aware of. For years you’ve been cautioned about the harmful UV rays and sunburns, or over exposure of your skin to the sun. The suns waves produce ultraviolet light in two wave lengths that are dangerous. UV-A waves contribute to the premature aging of your skin, and UV-B is a type of radiation that can cause sunburns and puts you a greater risk for developing skin cancer. What you may not realize is that both types, UV-A and UV-B can cause ocular damage which can result in greater incidences of developing glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts later in life. Continue reading


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Best Way to Buy Discount Eyeglasses

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